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More and more men are using our services! All menus are available for men.

Hello everyone.

The theme of this blog post is "We are seeing an increase in male customers!" and we would like to share with you the details of all our menus, which are also available to men.


More men are using it


We live in an age of diversity, and an increasing number of men are taking an interest in beauty.

When you turn on the TV, you see a lot of beautiful and handsome men.

And, their skin is so beautiful!!

Even though she's a celebrity, I'm impressed by her "smooth, egg-like skin."

Regardless of whether you're a celebrity or not, beautiful skin is the dream of all mankind.

If your hair and skin look good, you can start your day feeling refreshed.

Having good skin tone will help you not look tired and will give you a great first impression.

Before a date, before an event ♪

I want to be a cool boyfriend and a cool dad!

Beautiful skin isn't achieved in a day.

Why not take action as soon as possible?

We will do our best to help you get closer to your ideal. If you are interested, please feel free to come and see us.


All our menu items are available to men too!


If you are unsure which menu to choose, please refer to the following!


I'm tired and want to relax

  • Aromatherapy Massage

  • Detox Massage

  • Relaxation massage

  • Carbonated Dry Head Spa


I want to have a smaller face and beautiful skin.


  • Poration Facial

  • Poreless, extremely moisturizing, small face

  • Beautiful Skin Plan


I'm worried about my pores


  • Hydro Skin Facial

  • Poreless, extremely moisturizing, small face


I want to lose weight


  • CAVI-LIPO-V trial slimming plan → Abdominal slimming is by far the most popular among men!


I want to take care of my body and face.


  • Lord's Course

  • Celebrity Course

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

We are open today as usual☆

We look forward to your visit.


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#Detox Massage

#Relaxing massage

#Carbonated dry head spa

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